Placing an order

  1. Select the product you wish to order and enter the information. At this time only business cards are available.
  2. Click "Refresh preview". If you want a larger preview you can click on the thumbnail. If you need a PDF it is provided on the next page.
  3. When the card is OK, click "next".
  4. Choose quantity from the dropdown.
  5. If you need a PDF or just want to check the proof again, you can do so by clicking "proof" - a pop-up will show you the PDF which you also can download or print.
  6. If you need to save your item for later,there are two different ways to do this:
    • Click "Drafts" top right. The last three drafts ar automatically saved and overwritten continously. From here you can save them more permanently.
    • Approve the proof and add to cart. Using the icon to the left of the thumbnail you can save the items for checkout at a later time. You can also go back and edit the saved items by adding them to the cart again, clicking "edit" and "back" bottom left.
  7. From the shopping cart you can either go to the checkout or you can continue shopping and adding more items to your order. When you are ready to place the order click "Checkout" to proceed to the Order Summary.
    • Select billing and shipping addresses. You can always add or edit addresses either here or under "My account". Please note that the default address is your own, but all the invoices for business cards will be sent to Kongsberg Automotive Ltd. in England.
    • For shipping addresses you can either use your billing address or select and add other addresses.
    • You can ship items in your cart to different locations by clicking "Send to multiple addresses". Select the addresses you need and click "next". Assign the different items to the relevant shipping addresses. All items and selected addresses need to be assigned before you proceed.
  8. Continue until you get to the receipt, you will also recieve an e-mail with an order summary.
  9. In case you need further assistance, please contact us via e-mail at